Launching Early 2020


What is K&CO

K&Co. What does it stand for? The ‘K’ is for Karina. I’m a jeweller and gemologist of 12 years, now the founder and creative director of the company. Born in India, raised in Dubai, college-educated in the US, I am passionate about gemstones, minerals and even more passionate about the craftspeople who bring their beauty to life. I am very aware the ‘K’ is nothing without the ‘Co’.

So what does the ‘Co’ stand for? It’s all about the creative collaborations that make K&Co what it is…and always will be. A vibrant, expressive jewellery brand that celebrates the dedication of skilled craftsmanship and the heritage of gifted artisans. It’s a brand that supports authenticity and sustainability, philanthropy and respect. What we embrace is talented togetherness.


Karina Choudhrie, Founder & Creative Director

23 Buckingham Gate

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